I'm taking this time and moment to share my desires for the world and for the power that music has for us.

Europe was my home and my incubator as I grew to love music and work for this force of Love. Originally My family is from Zimbabwe which was also a big part of my upbringing and understanding of culture and identification.

I’ve played piano since I was 12 and that was when I truly fell in love with my ability to create a sound. As I grew up I was told that healing was going to be something in my future and today I stand here sharing my mission statement.




I believe that Healing Music has always been with us. I also believe and hope that we have all been subject to this power and healing at some point in our lives.

As a Songwriter I have been gifted the opportunity to create an atmosphere in which I can create a safe space for us to explore a new dimension in music healing.

This atmosphere is created by a connection with God's Love, Hope and Power. These 3 components together have moulded my experiences in healing and has taught me to become a facilitator for the healing we await to receive.

I won't promise magic or healing to specific individuals, but I can promise an experience and opportunity to tap into the supernatural power and be surrounded by an unexplainable abundance of Love.

Come and join me! Join me in this journey to share this gift of life. These moments of blessing and wonder as we build a stronger more powerful loving world, together.

Love Always!!